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Astrology opens your world to self-knowledge ... and can empower you to reach your fullest human potential!

       The English playwright, William Shakespeare,  once said “All the world is a stage and we are like the poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and  then is heard no more.”  In a play, the actor is not always on stage.  He or she  is either preparing for  their part, changing costumes, or just waiting to return to the stage.  At the end of the play, he or she takes a bow and then waits for the revues!


        Your CHART,  which is based upon the exact TIME, DATE & PLACE of your BIRTH, is your SCRIPT!  Your SCRIPT shows the many PARTS you are capable of playing on the great STAGE of LIFE.  If you are like most of us, there seems to be many sides to what is called your personality, and even, at times, many “selves” within your self!  Your personality expresses itself in the many ROLES you play in life. 


     Your  SCRIPT (also called a "STAR MAP")  is your BLUEPRINT for BEING and shows the many CYCLES of expression (ROLES)  that you will experience on this EARTH SCHOOL planet (STAGE). Understanding your astrology chart (SCRIPT) is  a most  effective way to "conscious awareness" and engages that part of you that already knows everything.  It is very revealing, empowering, quite exciting...and a lot of FUN! 

     Your personal STAR MAP™ or Astrology Chart shows where the planets were placed in the heavens at the exact hour of your birth. The PLANETS in a chart represent certain ENERGIES, the SIGN those PLANETS are in, show HOW the ENERGY is used, and the HOUSES the PLANETS fall in, show WHERE, or in what area of your life you will USE those energies. Everything is energy. We are electromagnetic, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body.  Interpretation of  your chart is based upon analyzing the archetypal symbols for the human condition. No one's chart is all "good" or all "bad".  One can use the energies in a mature or immature way. "Difficult" aspects can represent challenges, as well as strengths a person might have, while "easy" aspects can represent certain talents you were born with

The followers of Buddhism believe that the arrangement of the celestial bodies at the moment of birth depicts our basic karmic situation in life, representing the limitations and negative emotional patterns which are the sources of our suffering. However, simultaneously the natal chart is a picture of what we would look like as an enlightened being if we were able to transform the negative karmic patterns into their corresponding wisdom qualities through meditative practice and right action.

"The existence of correlations between the planetary cycles and human life makes it possible for both individuals and societies to understand better what archetypal energies are at work and at what time. This can help us be more skillful and aware as we engage in the activities of life. It's like knowing the weather report before going out into the ocean to sail or surf. It helps to know where the winds and waves will be coming from.  There is an astonishingly consistent correlation between planetary alignments and the patterns of human experience. " Dr. Richard Tarnas


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