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       Aries      3/21-4/19        Leo       7/23-8/22       Sagittarius     11/22-12/21
      Taurus     4/20-5/20       Virgo      8/23-9/22      Capricorn      12/22-1/19
    Gemini       5/21-6/21      Libra      9/23-10/22         Aquarius       1/20-2/18
    Cancer         6/22-7/22     Scorpio  10/23-11/21         Pisces           2/19-3/20



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"By the are an earth angel. You should have seen the noticeable difference in C's attitude. I hope my being there did not interfere with your flow. As you could see...he is not a man of many words...but he was listening to you intently. Afterwards he told me that he was glad I stayed in the room.  Anywho...I LOVE the way you explain all of the information and Chad did too. You are such a wise Yoda." WLM


What Tree Did you Fall From? 

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